OnDemand Digital Mail

Your mail to your desktop when you need it

Some in-house mail teams are unable to run efficiently due to staff leave or sickness, and seasonal peaks in workload. Old or inefficient equipment will also slow down the process. If incoming mail is left unprocessed then this impacts on back office performance, and can result in poor customer service and reduction in revenue.

OnDemand Digital Mail is a secure, tailored service ensuring high quality capture of communications and bespoke indexing to allowing efficient import into your systems and/or workflow. Put simply, Civica receives your mail, scans it, indexes it and delivers it to your staff.

Top 5 reasons to choose OnDemand Digital Mail

1. We will reduce costs by up to 40% compared to an in-house service
2. We design the service with you to meet your objectives
3. We work in a secure PSN and ISO 27001 compliant public sector environment
4. We employ public sector experienced staff
5.Our same day service is secure, accurate and significantly reduces instances of lost documentation

Each customer is unique

Ours is not an “off the shelf” service. We understand that your needs are different. Working with you we design a service that overcomes your challenges and meets your objectives.

Each customer has their own designated processing area and your specific security requirements are adhered to; this is one of the reasons our customers choose us over bulk scanning houses.

It’s flexible! Switch it on or off

Implementation can be completed within six weeks then you can easily increase or reduce volumes as needed to manage peaks effectively. That way you are only paying for the service when you really need it.

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