Public Cloud

Self-service cloud infrastructure for reduced costs and increased efficiencies

This is ideal for self-managed, non-business critical, lower risk data scenarios, and provides you with the opportunity to outsource the costly maintenance and support of your IT infrastructure to industry experts.

To deliver a state of the art and flexible public cloud, Civica utilises Microsoft Azure. Whether you are creating new applications or running existing applications, Microsoft Azure provides an on-demand infrastructure that you can scale up or down as needed, suitable for a wide range of application hosting scenarios. It is perfect for short-term projects, testing and development, and pop-up environments, as well as providing burstable capacity.

As part of your cloud portfolio, this flexibility allows you to align your cloud strategy with a cost effective solution to meet ever changing business needs.

Why choose Civica Public Cloud?

Instant access to affordable, on-demand infrastructure

  • Self-service cloud infrastructure for your business or applications
  • On-demand compute and storage capacity
  • Basic SLAs, security and data recovery available to meet your needs
  • Flexibility to meet your business needs

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