Contact Management Case Study

Find out how Spelthorne Borough Council handled 3 months of calls in 10 days when hit by serious flooding.

Customer Contact Management

Customer Contact Management uses automation to make handling of customer contact easier for local authorities and their citizens. 

We offer a platform that enables local authorities to deploy applications which will automate key customer handling processes from initial contact through to service fulfillment. With integration at their core, these processes will work closely with existing line of business applications such as revenues and benefits and waste management.

Meeting Citizen Expectations
The citizen of today has high expectations for how the council will handle their requests, at a time and place of their choosing. By automating key customer interactions, contact is shifted to alternative, electronic channels that have a much lower cost per transaction. Civica Digital Solutions enables local authorities to achieve this automation, supporting channel shift, and reducing the need to contact the Council by other channels.

Helping Council Employees
There are many opportunities to assist council employees to provide a more efficient and effective service. Typically over half of contact centre agents and other employees are required to use more than one application to handle customer requests. This means a large percentage of customer facing time can be spent navigating and re-keying information on different applications, increasing the time spent on each customer interaction and increasing the likelihood of mistakes. 

Civica Digital Solutions can automate many of the duplicated or redundant tasks that council employees normally perform when handling customer contact, thereby reducing call times and improving the quality of service.

Helping the Council Deliver Service
In order to be able to improve service, and reduce costs, local authorities must be able to measure current performance relative to its targets. For customer contact, this means having a clear picture of the customer journey from the first point of contact, through to service fulfilment. Only by using a “composite” application, which automates the truly end-to-end processes and integrates with a number of existing applications, can a complete view be constructed. Using such a view as a basis for regular analysis, local authorities can better understand where to focus its efforts to improve customer service delivery. 

Civica Digital Solutions is based on automating end-to-end processes and joining-up the front and back-office applications needed to provide a service and a view of the overall performance.