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Wycombe High School

Civica Resource has revolutionised how the finances are managed at Wycombe High School

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Since it became an academy in May 2011, Wycombe High School has used Civica Resource for its financial management. Business Director, David Palmer, joined the School in 2006 from the commercial sector: “We were using an educational finance package at that time and I knew that we would need a proper accounting package on our conversion to an academy.

“We decided to look at three packages, which quickly reduced to two, as the third package turned out to be too generalist for the task, whereas both the other packages offered academy specific features. Each supplier was asked to pitch, to present a demonstration and provide a reference of an existing user. We chose to go with Civica Resource.

Strong recommendation

“I had heard about it initially from the Bucks Academies Business Managers’ Group, which comprised a number of Buckinghamshire schools that were converting to academies at that time, with the object of supporting each other through the transition. Civica Resource was very strongly recommended by the Headteacher of one of the first schools in Buckinghamshire to convert.

“We introduced the Civica Resource web portal at the same time as the software into finance and I would thoroughly recommend other academies to do the same. Being able to automate the purchasing process and give staff access to full, real-time information was just brilliant – and it just works!"

"Civica Resource has given us the system we need as an academy and we have a really good, ongoing relationship with Civica. They are always open to suggestions for tweaks or additions to the system that we believe will help academies." - David Palmer | Head of Finance

Direct access to budget information

“When I first joined the school, the finance manager used to run off budget updates monthly for budget holders and put them in their pigeon holes – but by the time they received the information, it was already out of date. We then developed a mechanism that presented snap-shots of budget information on demand to each budget holder, as a first step to moving towards them having direct access to their budget information.

“This then fitted in perfectly with Civica Resource, which provides budget holders with real-time information via the web portal, which was a natural development. Every invoice that comes into the school now is scanned into the system, so if they want more information on a particular figure they can immediately access the relevant invoice online. All purchase orders now go out electronically."

“Civica Resource has revolutionised how we manage our finances at the academy. We are now running the business rather than the business running us.”

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