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Your trusted ICT partner
We listen. We deliver. We inspire.


The most intuitive and innovative budget planning software designed to keep you one step ahead.

FPS Web is an easy to use, web-based budget planning tool used by over 4,000 schools, 2,000 academies, 26 Local Authorities and more than 80 Multi Academy Trusts. FPS Web enables school business managers, finance directors and the school administration team to stay in control of the budget at all times.

FPS Web has been exclusively designed and developed by education finance specialists and in close collaboration with our customers. Our experienced in-house team of developers continually update FPS Web with the latest DfE, EFA and National requirements.

Key features and benefits of FPS Web include:

  • Specifically tailored for schools and academies
  • Web-based software allowing users to work from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Ability to assign different access rights to different users
  • Plan numerous financial scenarios for periods of up to 5 years, enabling you to review the impact of all financial changes and ask 'what if'?
  • Staffing section that calculates highly accurate salary information to the nearest day
  • Highly accurate staffing calculator and fully customisable pay scales
  • Budget vs Actuals functionality
  • Pay Adjustments Calculator
  • Teacher Salary Statements
  • FPS Web dashboard showing key data
  • Ability to 'lock' and ‘publish’ budgets
  • Easy to use and comprehensive reporting suite, assisting in the communication of financial performance to stakeholders in an effective and efficient manner
  • SDP/SIP Action Planner
  • Links available with a number of accountancy packages including Civica's Resource Financials
  • Constant automatic in-year updates for all DfE, EFA and National requirements
  • Regular software updates throughout the year to introduce new features and enhancements
  • Seamless data transfer between FPS Web and Resource Financials 

Seamless data transfer between FPS Web and Civica Resource

The Civica Resource link module automatically transfers data between FPS Web and the Resource Financials accounting package, seamlessly ensuring consistency between the long term budget plan and in year budget management. This offers a significant time saving opportunity for school finance teams who would otherwise have to manually enter budget data.

I have found FPS Web very easy to use, and both the headteacher and governors have commented favourably on the reports that the system generates. It is an incredible aid to my role as business manager.

Tina Hooker, School Business Manager, The Costello School

’The system allows the "what if scenarios" to be calculated quickly and accurately and enables informed discussions to take place at the click of a button. I cannot fault the system, and with central updates with EFA changes on reports and formats the technical hassle is removed, I am really impressed.’

Janet Ray, Business Manager, Dene Magna School