Your trusted ICT partner
We listen. We deliver. We inspire.

Your trusted ICT partner
We listen. We deliver. We inspire.

Inspiring innovations

Inspiring innovations

New technologies can deliver flexibility in provision, extending learning beyond the classroom and increasing the opportunities to learn and teach.

We work with customers to implement a wide range of innovations, efficiencies and services that all aim to get the most out of your ICT,inspire new ways of working, stretch your budget further and ultimately deliver against your outcomes.

We can help deliver the following:

CloudBase, powered by Office 365

A customised online learning environment that brings together students, teachers, families, school leadership teams and the wider community to support and improve learning. Providing ‘anytime, anywhere’ access via the web, users can securely access their online content and resources, including a full suite of web based tools. Read more

Education management systems

Streamline your education management with one powerful, integrated system. Civica Resource Education Management System (REMS) is specially designed to meet the ever changing landscape of the sixth form, further education and adult education sectors. With REMS, key student and course data is fully integrated, centralised and accessible online in real time. Read more

E-Learning training and support

With Civica’s team of teachers, you could benefit from help, support and guidance in maximising on the technology already in your classrooms. By dove-tailing with your existing teaching staff, our e-learning team will
become an extension of your team all focused on improving staff e-confidence and enhancing learning through creative use of available technologies. Read more

Finance and HR systems

Resource Financials is a powerful, flexible system which helps you perform everyday financial management tasks quickly and easily – so you can manage finances more efficiently and at a lower cost. With the ability to integrate HR and payroll, you have everything you need in one place to manage your school. Read more

ICT infrastructure and hardware

With an extensive supply chain, technical expertise and education experience, we can design, source and implement a wide range of ICT infrastructure, hardware and software to suit all needs and budgets. Read more

Library management solutions

Our core library management system is one of the top solutions of its kind. As well as receiving all the benefits of a modern library management system, Civica customers will experience a much more integrated and flexible delivery, while enjoying an improved service delivery, cost savings and increased efficiencies. Read more

Managed ICT service

In line with our learning-led approach, our managed service is fully customisable depending upon a school's priorities, challenges and budget. All our customers, benefit from a customised managed service solution which is designed to suit their specific circumstances. Read more

Mobile technology (including BYOD)

Harness the power in the latest mobile technologies, engage your students and make use of the technology they have in their pockets by implementing a BYOD scheme...with our help. Read more

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

The future of cloud learning - Civica’s VDI solution goes beyond mainstream cloud based web applications, offering students, teachers and staff the flexibility to easily and securely access the complete Windows desktop environment from their home PC, Mac, or tablet as if they were on-site. Read more

St Birinus School

Working with Civica’s e-learning team is of particular value to us. Because they all used to be teachers, they really understand the pressures in the classroom, but they are technological experts too, so we get the best of both worlds.

Tom Mannion, AST