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Your trusted ICT partner
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REMS for Training Providers

A fully integrated, flexible learner management system, designed to meet the needs of learning providers and employers for both government funded training programmes and commercial delivery.

Do you need to provide end users, your trainers, with an easier learner management system to use? Want a system that will streamline ILR submission to secure your funding quickly and easily? Do you want a quick view of important, relevant data to enable quicker, and more efficient, decision making?

Ease of use

REMS is a learner management system that has been designed to be simple to use and quick to pick up. Benefitting from web access, end users will be able to update relevant learner data in real time, with minimal need for training. With learner data being updated in real time, you will have access to up-to-date data so the reporting on such data will be more accurate and the decisions you make based on this data will be timely and effective - making a difference to your bottom line and learner progression. 

Full learner cycle management

The full learner cycle is managed by REMS, from initial enquiry right the way through to achieving their skills and how they progress with their new qualifications. The different modules within REMS all come for one price, meaning that you benefit from a fully integrated suite of MIS tools for one cost effective price. Modules include:

  • Learner tracking, planning and assessor management portal
  • Learner ‘self service’ portal
  • Assessment and progression
  • Enquiry and applications
  • Statutory and management reporting plus dashboards
  • Registers and attendance
  • Examinations and achievement
  • Financial management


Every organisation is different, with unique requirements so REMS has been developed with a high level of flexible. The customisation options available to you allows you to tailor REMS to become the learner management system your organisation needs it to be.

Streamlined data management

ILR submission is made easier with the ability to proactively identify problems with your data and apply corrections to groups of data, avoiding timely updates to numerous records, all with the same error. By making it easier and faster to submit your ILRs, you should reduce the administrative burden associated  with statutory returns whilst securing essential funding.

Make best use of your data

Data is a valuable asset for any organisation, so the ability to access, report on, interrogate, view and analyse your data is important. Within REMS you have a range of standard reports that can be run of quickly and easily. You also have the ability to create your own customised reports to suit your own particular requirements. Finally, with the information-rich and customisable dashboards in REMS, you have all the access you can possibly need at a click of a button, and without the need for complicated training and database skills.

REMS Connect

A new Learner App has been developed which links into the REMS database for Learners to manage their own data, review their own progress, communicate with tutors and check their personal timetable. It is a simple apps that Learners can download to their smartphone. The App empowers Learners to manage their own progress, bringing all the important data for a Learner to one, simple to use, app on their own personal device.

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Neelam Salunke, Office Manager, LD Training