Your trusted ICT partner
We listen. We deliver. We inspire.

Your trusted ICT partner
We listen. We deliver. We inspire.

Local Authorities and Trusts

By partnering with Civica, Local Authorities and Multi Academy Trusts can provide their schools with economies of scale, freedom of choice and the benefit of a learning-led approach.

Local Authorities are dealing with a rapidly changing environment under the pressure of increased spending cuts and the need to support schools in improving learning. Partnership with Civica brings technical expertise, market experience and flexibility in service delivery allowing many local authorities to provide a more flexible support service than they have been able to in the past.

We work with:

  • Sheffield City Council in supporting 25 secondary schools in a managed ICT service

  • Barnsley Council in providing a managed ICT service to 12 secondary schools and delivery of a virtual learning environment to 17 primary schools

  • Five schools across Wandsworth and Luton Councils

  • Lambeth Learning Futures in supporting 10 secondary schools in a managed ICT service which is also available to primary schools to buy into.

School Trusts and Multi Acadamy Trusts have grown in number and size in recent years, as well as the number of schools they manage. By partnering with Civica, school trusts and multi academy trusts can benefit from:


As the trust or chain of academies grows, your ICT infrastructure and requirements can easily expand to cope with this growth as well as taking advantage of resulting economies of scale to create cost eficiencies.


Civica has worked with large groups of schools before under the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme and now provides highly flexible and more affordable solutions for groups of schools who have come out of a BSF contract, or for those seeking economies of scale and a flexible approach to ICT.


We take time to understand the schools we support, ensuring that any solution we provide can be customised to suit specific requirements whilst not loosing out on economies of scale


By working with us, you benefit from a strategic partner who really cares about the outcomes a school is working towards and how the ICT solution we deliver will help you achieve these outcomes.