Your trusted ICT partner
We listen. We deliver. We inspire.

Your trusted ICT partner
We listen. We deliver. We inspire.

Primary ICT Support

Do ICT failures interrupt lessons? Do you have to contact multiple ICT support companies? Are you looking for a company to partner you in all your ICT requirements?

Technology can make lessons more exciting for pupils, improving their engagement levels as well as providing them with modern skills they'll use for life, but too often technology disrupts planned lessons because it doesn't work when it matters most.

Civica has been supporting ICT in schools for many years and understands that time is precious in lessons, so reducing these disruptions has to be a priority.

We can deliver a customised mix of support services designed to deliver a solution that suits your need and budget.

Benefits of Civica's support:

  • We can support all of your technology from your network to your AV equipment and MIS, making your life easier - there's only one number to remember
  • We already support schools across the UK so we understand the pressures of the classroom
  • You can enjoy economies of scale if your cluster joins our managed service as a group
  • We have a modular approach to support so that you can pick a selection of services that suit your need and budget
  • Our staff consist of a blend of teachers and technicians, so you benefit from both worlds.