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Your trusted ICT partner
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Resource HR and CPD

Resource HR and CPD

Manage all employee records in one place, from recruitment and throughout employment.

Managing a workforce is a complex task requiring much accurate information. With Resource HR and CPD, you can make the most of your most valuable asset – your people.

Resource HR and CPD is an education led software solution which can be fully customised to meet the finite requirements for individual schools and academies. Civica's Resource HR and CPD provides the foundation on which our customers build their HR strategy.

Whether you are a nursery school with ten employees or a secondary school with over 200 employees, Resource HR and CPD will provide cost savings and efficiencies in your HR processes.

Our streamline implementation process will guide you through to completion and will bring through your exiting HR data so you hit the ground running.

  • Do you have up-to-date records of every employee?
  • Have you tracked everyone’s progress and training needs?
  • Are records of holidays and sickness still kept on paper?
  • Are HR and CPD records kept in different systems?

Civica's Resource HR and CPD make employee management simple and paperless.

Key features

  • Control all staff information in one place
  • Manage employee information from recruitment onwards
  • Keep track of absences such as holidays and sickness
  • Maintain all necessary biographical data
  • Track skills training and identify gaps
  • Manage training suppliers
  • Monitor employees’ progress

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