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Your trusted ICT partner
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Resource Project Costing

Efficient project management is a key to the success of your company.

Managing projects is a crucial part of many businesses. But you need to have all the data you need at your fingertips.

With Civica's Resource Project Costing product, managing projects is simple and efficient, so that you can react quickly to changes and make sound business decisions.

Manage the complete project life cycle

In a competitive marketplace, project management is the lifeblood of many companies. Civica Resource is a powerful project costing system that allows you to manage the complete life cycle from budgeting to management reports in a logical flow by tracking every charge, expense and bill.

Our core strengths lie in the implementation of our solutions at organisations where succinct information available in real time regarding the costs and profitability of projects is crucial.

Delivering clear, comprehensive real time information Resource Project Costing provides you with everything you need to make sound business decisions. Project managers, with access to real time information are better placed to manage deadlines and to ensure projects stay within budget.

Key features:

  • Handles single and multiple projects effortlessly
  • Captures project and accounting data once, reducing administration costs
  • Online up-to-date information for project managers via the web based ‘Project Portal’
  • Links projects to departments, cost centres or funds
  • Web-based timesheet, expenses and requisitions
  • Integrates seamlessly with all other accounting ledgers

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