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We aim to be the leading IT-based services partner in our chosen markets, putting ideas into action alongside our customers based on deep sector knowledge and a successful track record.


Local Government

Our Local Government Solutions division has been helping local authorities deliver efficient services for over 30 years with software, cloud and managed services, and business process services.


Our Library Solutions division is a leading global library solution provider with over 2,000 installations and a range of offerings from application software and technology managed services to full library outsourcing.

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Our Education Solutions division provide innovative ICT solutions to over 4000 schools and are designed to help schools run smoothly and efficiently and assist teachers to teach and learners to learn.

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Our Health Solutions division provides a fully integrated IT solution and business process services for the health care industry.

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A market leader in specialist systems and business process services, our software, cloud-based services and outsourcing are transforming the way customers work across Asia, Australia, New Zealand and USA.

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