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What is Civica CloudBase?
Civica CloudBase is a single, on-line environment that brings together students, teachers, families and the wider community. Providing ‘anytime, anywhere’ access via the web, it enables users to securely access their online content and resources, including a full suite of web based tools.

What does it include?
Civica CloudBase includes:

  • SharePoint - Provides the underlying communication, collaboration and integration layer of the portal
  • Integration - A suite of tools that build collaborative learning portfolios, which help the process of learning through self, peer and mentor assessment
  • Management Information System (MIS) - Integration of the schools chosen MIS
  • Email - Provided through provisioning Microsoft Office365 accounts, accessible through the same, single log in
  • Office Web Applications - Through Office365 students can access online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Free Education Web Apps - Through Civica CloudBase we make available an ever increasing list of free, educationally relevant Web 2.0 resources.

Can Civica CloudBase improve learning outcomes?
Absolutely! Civica CloudBase has a knock-on effect on learning outcomes. It:

  • personalises and makes learning more accessible;
  • improves results and attainment;
  • supports ongoing professional development;
  • facilitates effective communication and collaboration; and
  • fully engages students.

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