Community Engagement

Integrating with other services
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By working with other local government departments and agencies the library can deliver a broader integrated range of services to enhance community engagement they can broaden the functionality and appeal of libraries so that they fulfil wider community needs and allow access to a wider range of Council and public services. There is considerable synergy between the role of libraries as information providers and the concept of the community hub which opens up the potential for joint planning of these services. Libraries have a number of strengths which can be built upon as part of a forward-looking strategy for council services.

Central community hub

  • Integration with other council services to provide customers with wider access to services
  • Extend the services offered from existing locations
  • Enabling service delivery from co-locations, pop-up libraries, mobiles and Community libraries

Combined with our extensive research, consultation and collaboration programme, our focus is on increasing value to the community and providing a wide range of solutions to communities based on our vision of the library as a knowledge, leisure, culture and learning hub. With the pressures currently on library authoredities to maintain frontline services whilst reducing budgets we are working with customers to facilitate the incorporation of community organisations as well as offering alternative delivery models.

Civica recognise that libraries can play a strategic and central role in the provision of broader cultural, leisure and community services in addition to the traditional library service. Streamlining software, services and support with other departments within your authority can deliver opportunities for efficiencies as well as enhance community engagement. We understand how to deliver more by integrating other non-library systems to improve the services on offer.

Cultural portal

  • Unified Search across physical resources, digital assets and online content, archives and cultural collections
  • Management of multiple resource types within one database whilst maintaining data structure standards for all resources
  • Metadata driven
  • Reduced management costs through the use of one system for multiple purposes

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