Civica Automation

Operational automation including service availability management, data consolidation and file downloads

Civica Automation provides specialist enterprise automation software which helps customers maximise applications performance and uptime and minimise the impact and cost of service disruption. The PTC suite is used by approximately 100 customers in local government and social housing as well as private sector organisations. Civica provides a suite of tools to monitor and manage the software applications environment, including automated service availability reporting and management, performance monitoring and management, data consolidation and automated scheduling.

Civica’s PTC solutions help to automate a number of operational tasks which would typically be done manually, saving you time and money. These tasks include spreadsheet manipulation, scheduling batch jobs, proactive monitoring of critical processes, performance and service availability monitoring.

PTC Consolidation
Transforms the way businesses work with spreadsheets. Save time and money with automation of many routine spreadsheet processes, such as bank and daily cash reconciliation. PTC Consolidation can automate the processing from a number of input sources, including pdf, crystal reports, text, csv, tsv, xml, Excel, SQL and web extracts.

PTC Availability
A generalised monitoring tool which can automate many business processes, such as database extracts, end user response times and infrastructure elements, such as server monitoring, service availability and temperature. Each monitored item can have individual thresholds set for warning and error conditions and alerts will be raised when a threshold is breached. Typically used for Business Performance dashboard solutions.

PTC Scheduler
A task management tool which can fully automate the scheduling and running of batch processes. As well as the batch jobs, PTC Scheduler can manage the housekeeping required to maintain these jobs which saves time and minimises the risk of job failure.

PTC File Download
Automates the repetitive and mundane task of downloading files and information from the cloud, such as internet bank sources or regulatory bodies.

PTC Status Monitor
Minimise the risk of downtime with PTC Status Monitor. With real-time monitoring of key business and technical application components and functions, issues that cause system downtimes can be anticipated and prevented. 


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