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End User Training
Designed for all users of the system.

Administration Training
Designed for those who will be responsible for the maintenance and administration of the system

Designed for those who need to produce reports

Designed for those who need to configure document exports.


Although we had to migrate the Civica system from the OFT to Citizens Advice within very tight timescales, Civica comfortably met all their key deadlines, and delivered a high quality product which has performed well since it was implemented.
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Community Mobile

Civica and AllOnMobile working together to help your office become a thing of the past.

Building Control

Helping authorities to deliver a quality service at competitive prices

The Building Control service operates in an environment defined by the need to deliver a quality service at competitive prices.

This aim puts an increasing dependency on consultation with customers on the services required, and how to meet those requirements.  Once defined, there is an additional demand for the successful marketing of the service.  Such operations are outside the traditional remit of the Building Control function.  The efficient use of technology will release resources to achieve this aim.

The Civica Building Control solution enables the management of the building control process, releasing officers to fulfil their professional functions in plan checking and inspections in line with the latest revisions in building regulations.  Solution benefits include:


  • Ensuring the Building Control team can maximise time spent on chargeable activities by streamlining all regulatory functions.  This includes removing the need for keying of data submitted through Competent Person schemes, and fulfilling legislative requirements such as the maintenance of a register of Green Deal funded installations.
  • Public and Partner solutions such as the Building Control Register reduce the amount of time spent handling enquires from Personal Search agents.  The Civica Partner Portal allows for a dialogue between officers and consultees which is automatically recorded within the case record.
  • Making the best use of Inspection resources, inspection templates may be defined based upon risk profiling.  This may also be fed into fee structures.
  • Solution expansion into Planning, enabling information from both systems to be accessed by the Civica Dashboard to enable reports and alerts to be defined relating to allocations, permissions and completions.

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