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End User Training
Designed for all users of the system.

Administration Training
Designed for those who will be responsible for the maintenance and administration of the system

Designed for those who need to produce reports

Designed for those who need to configure document exports.


Although we had to migrate the Civica system from the OFT to Citizens Advice within very tight timescales, Civica comfortably met all their key deadlines, and delivered a high quality product which has performed well since it was implemented.
Danny Golding Citizens Advice


Bring Your Data to Life

Cmpa for app

Integrate, Visualise and Mobilise with Community Map

 Introducing Community Map: A modern, intuitive and feature rich web GIS solution


Community Mobile

Civica and AllOnMobile working together to help your office become a thing of the past.

Geographic Information Systems

A comprehensive range of web, desktop and mobile systems

Civica GIS, incorporating Innogistic, supplies leading geographic information systems (GIS), gazetteer management solutions, and related back office software applications (such as development control and fire safety), helping public and private sector organisations across the UK to deliver better and more efficient services.

The company provides GIS technology to over 120 customers including central government departments and agencies, local authorities, blue light services including over 70% of Fire Services in England, and major utility companies. We also supply a diverse range of organisations, including mapping agencies and housing associations and in areas from education to agriculture as well as map retailers and engineering consultants in the private sector.

Combining innovation with comprehensive support services ranging from advice and training to managed hosting, we maximise the business value of geographic and location data, helping our customers to extract more from their investment in these technologies in order to make a real difference to people and places and to reduce operational costs and risks.

From a single software licence to a corporate enterprise system, Civica has the GIS solution for you:

> Our web GIS solutions deliver a corporate tool allowing customers to benefit from the power of GIS technology across the enterprise – from simple map production through to editing, managing, visualising, reporting, analysing and sharing large volumes of geographically based business and asset data.
> Our mobile GIS solutions extend these capabilities into the field, putting business critical information at the fingertips of mobile workers wherever and whenever it is needed.
> Our desktop GIS solutions provide powerful analysis and modelling tools, playing a fundamental role in operational service planning and delivery.
> Our address management solutions – from address searching and matching software to corporate BS7666 gazetteer management systems – ensure that accurate, up to date, comprehensive and consistent address databases are at the heart of our customers’ operations.
> Our back office applications maximise the efficiency of specific business process where location plays a key role – such as development (planning and building) control, land charges and fire safety / risk modelling.

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