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Although we had to migrate the Civica system from the OFT to Citizens Advice within very tight timescales, Civica comfortably met all their key deadlines, and delivered a high quality product which has performed well since it was implemented.
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Civica and AllOnMobile working together to help your office become a thing of the past.

Land Charges

Simple, fast and accurate automation to improve service delivery

The Civica Land Charges module is built into our integrated APP system, and includes all the tools needed for the maintenance and production of the Land Charges Register. Optimising the full functionality of this module will allow faster and more accurate responses to local land charge searches, improved customer service and user efficiency.

Integrated system allows faster data retrieval

Much of the information required within the Land Charges Register, such as building control applications, planning approvals and enforcement notices, may already be available elsewhere within your council. As APP offers a fully integrated system, this information can be collated and sent as automated updates to Local Land Charges teams. By automating this process you can further improve speed of service and with minimal data re-keying, errors can be largely reduced.

Land charge register entries may be held against an individual property, or spatially against an area as required. Even where information is not directly available, the system’s reporting module allows easy recording and extraction.

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