Management Information Reporting

Capture, process and interpret your data

Without the right interpretation, an overload of information presents both problems as well as opportunities!  APP Dashboard is there to help APP customers capture, process and interpret data from our system and deliver it via a customised, web-based, single screen, to reveal LIVE reports on past, present and future trends.

This can help your management team to extract critical insights, understand trends and run a smooth, efficient operation. Using APP Dashboard, you decide how to provide the right information to the right people at the right time, thereby empowering staff to make better-informed, timely decisions, whilst also helping to support the KPI’s, policies, processes and procedures of your local authority.

Users can customise their dashboard to create their own system control panel showing the reports and alerts they need. The dashboard uses Sequel Reporting Services and can also using data from multiple sources (even outside APP) for post work reporting AND pre-work scheduling.

Key Benefits of APP Dashboard include:

  • Creates a new ‘user interface’ that pro-actively prompts users to tasks or activities that prevent service failure
  • Enables ‘active’ target driven working
  • Allows departments to proactively respond to issues before they arise
  • Allows management to visually monitor progress and performance
  • Gives quick access to the most important records or sub-sets thereof
  • Reduces time spent searching for records
  • Offers real time information shared with all users in a consistent manner and allows drill down to the source data from the graphic screens
  • Active, real-time system monitoring helps to spot anomalies and prevent serious issues developing
  • Reduces the overhead on creating manual reports


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