I had no previous experience of working with Civica, and was impressed with the professional and effective way in which they approached the project.
Danny Golding Citizens Advice



Chris Hampton discusses the benefits of running a shared services system using the Civica APP system.

Public Protection Training Courses

Training Information

End User Training
Designed for all users of the system.

Administration Training
Designed for those who will be responsible for the maintenance and administration of the system

Designed for those who need to produce reports

Designed for those who need to configure document exports.

Bring Your Data to Life

Cmpa for app

Integrate, Visualise and Mobilise with Community Map

 Introducing Community Map: A modern, intuitive and feature rich web GIS solution


Community Mobile

Civica and AllOnMobile working together to help your office become a thing of the past.

Civica Community Protection Overview

Civica is the market leading supplier of environmental and public protection systems

Over 230 councils use Civica Community Protection's systems for core regulatory and enforcement functions from environmental health, trading standards and licensing to anti social behaviour and waste management.

Drawing on 20 years of experience in the public sector, the company combines Civica Community Protection - the most complete, robust and integrated public safety management system - with modern workflow, document management and mobile working software. Designed to support the way you work and to integrate fully with third party systems, together these offer a complete service delivery solution to drive a consistently high level of service for the benefit of consumers, businesses, workers and the environment.

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