Efficient management of the planning process

The Planning function within a Local Authority is high profile and emotive.  Meeting deadlines and ensuring policies are adhered to are key, so officers need to be able to carry out their remit whist ensuring the appropriate information is available to customers and regulatory bodies.

The Civica Planning solution enables the efficient management of the planning process, releasing officers to fulfil their professional functions by minimising data input to that information which is vital to the function.  Benefits include:

  • improving access through multiple channels
  • processing applications faster and increasing responsiveness
  • streamlining case management and reporting
  • enhancing cross-department and multi-agency working
  • staying on top of performance standards and regulatory change

The unique action diary allows for the in-house definition and maintenance of local workflows to match the business processes appropriate to your authority.

The solution enables the streamlining of the Planning dataflow through full integration with the Planning Portal.  All data submitted by applicants is brought into the Planning database for further interrogation and to enable use by policy and monitoring teams.  Documents submitted through the Planning Portal are automatically indexed according to your document types, to allow for auto-publishing when used in conjunction with the Civica EDM solution.

Further efficiencies may be gained through use of the Civica Public and Partner solutions - Planning Register and Partner Portal.  These allow for the dynamic publishing of Planning Application information, automatically updated as the application progresses through the planning process, for the submission of unsolicited comments and for a dialogue between officers and statutory consultees which is automatically recorded within the case record.

 The Planning function is dependent upon support from internal and external partners.  The Civica solution spans all Regulatory Services including Environmental Health.  This ensures that consultation requirements are made available within an officer’s total workload.  The solution also expands into Building Control enabling information from both systems to be accessed by the Civica Dashboard to enable reports and alerts to be defined relating to allocations, permissions and completions.

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