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“Having a dedicated team at Civica Records Management means that we can rely on performance that meets our personalised specification and removes the burden of mailroom priorities.”

Jonathan Wooldridge Support & Control Manager, London Borough of Barnet

“We have been storing Health Records on alternative media since the mid 1980’s. Civica WinDIP Enterprise has allowed the Trust the opportunity to take the next step forward, move towards a full EDM solution at its own pace"

Liz Williams Health Records/PAS Manager, South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

“They were not only able to demonstrate their understanding of our requirements and their ability to meet them, but also clearly understood the importance of overcoming the fear of cultural change. Thanks to their expertise, meticulous planning and team-based approach we are proceeding with the main file conversion with confidence”

Simon Watton Programme Manager, Rochdale MBC

“I challenge you to find a company who offer a quality product, fit for purpose, which offers best value for customers, giving peace of mind to you as a record manager and gives outstanding professional support. I have.”

Alan Dunks Force Registrar, Humberside Police

“We have finished our file conversions for current tenant files and they all look great and staff are very happy with the new system. Thanks for all of your assistance – the end result is fantastic”

Brendan Fowler Housing Manager, Prospect Community Housing

Civica Records Management Overview

Civica helps customers to transform customer service operations and achieve significant savings.

Civica specialises in document and records management services which help customers to reduce costs and comply with legislation. A leading supplier to customers across the public sector, in local and central government and health care.The company provides a comprehensive range of services for both digital and physical records management.

We also provide one of the leading electronic document management (EDM) systems for the health care sector, supplying more than 60 NHS organisations including some of the UK's largest Trusts, together with outsourced scanning services, which are used to digitise more than 140 million images annually.

At a time when electronic document management is seen as a means to increase efficiency and productivity in the health sector and the combined Civica Group now supplies more than 275 NHS Trusts including more than 80% of Acute Trusts in England.

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