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WanStaX Application Framework

Our WanStaX Application Framework is a market ready, richly featured, extensible control plane software solution specifically designed for the Microsemi WinPath network processor family.

Through the WanStaX Application Framework ‘out of the box’ feature set, customers can have the key aspects of a software solution built and demonstrable literally in days.

WanStaX Application Framework allows customers to focus on the ‘business logic’ of their solutions rather than the intricacies of configuring WinPath. This reduces time to market and cuts the cost of product development.


  • A uniform and simplified application front end to the WinPath WDDI driver layer
  • Fast adaption to new hardware designs via its unique Hardware Abstraction layer
  • Accelerated development of WDDI applications using our off-the-shelf WDDI building blocks, including VLAN VRF Routing, VLAN and Non-VLAN Aware Bridging, IEEE 802.1Q Provider Bridging (Stacked VLAN’s) and QoS
  • Utilisation of the latest WinPath Hardware Accelerators including PCE and IWGP
  • Multi-threaded access to WDDI via the WAF API layer
  • Extensive abstracted interface to the target OS with Linux and VxWorks® supported


  • Microsemis WinPath network processor family running the latest WDDI API
  • Our WanStaX Carrier Ethernet control stacks can optionally be delivered pre-integrated to the WanStaX Application Framework:
    • Link Aggregation 802.3ad
    • Connectivity Fault Management 802.3ag
    • Link OAM 802.3ah
    • Performance Management Y.1731


  • Our WanStaX Application Framework is provided in a mixture of modules in source code (for those modules requiring modification for the particular application) and pre-compiled binary libraries.
  • Source code and user documentation.
  • Simulation package allowing accelerated x86-based host development and testing.
  • We offer support and maintenance for all software provided.
  • We also provide Professional Services from a pool of expert staff that has provided specialist WinPath capability to a large number of customers worldwide.



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