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WanStaX Timing and Synchronisation Control

Ethernet is now the preferred transport technology in the wide area network (WAN) arena, which has been historically dominated by synchronous SONET/SDH technologies.

This brings about a requirement for mechanisms for frequency synchronization over Ethernet packet networks to facilitate the interoperability of carrier Ethernet and legacy synchronous networks.

Our WanStaX portfolio includes both industry standard mechanisms for distributing synchronisation over packet networks – namely IEEE 1588 and Synchronous Ethernet.

Both timing control technologies are available for immediate use pre-integrated with Microsemi’s WinPath Network Processor Portfolio.


  • Microsemi’s WinPath network processor family including WinPath3, WinPath3SL and WinPath4 running the latest WDDI API.

Licensing & Deliverables

  • We offer a flexible, royalty free commercial model; offered on a ‘per product line’ basis as a single license fee
  • Simulation package allowing accelerated x86-based host development and testing
  • We offer support and maintenance for all software provided
  • We also provide Expert Services from a pool of experienced engineers that have provided specialist WinPath knowledge and capability to a large number of customers worldwide



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